If you came looking for some political stuff, you’re in the wrong place. Alice in Wonderland had a tea party, too, you know.

If, however, you were looking for thought-provoking (and often snarky) view of the world of marketing, then welcome.

I realize that the last thing the world needs is another blog. But what’s getting passed off as new marketing ideas and good advice is often misguided and wrong. Identifying and rectifying that problem is a dark and lonely job, but dammit somebody’s got to do it.

Blog Goals

1. Have a frank, informed, and critical discussion about the quality of Marketing in business today. If you’re looking for rah-rah cheerleading on social media, other sites will fill that hole in your life.
2.  Comment on the state of financial services marketing, and the financial services industry, in general.
3. Make you smile. If you’re too serious about this stuff, you probably won’t appreciate the attempted sense of humor.

About Me

Senior analyst for Aite Group, a leading research and advisory firm. Unapologetic about being a Deadhead, and pretty messed up because I’m a DOOD (Dad Of Only Daughters)

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Follow me on Twitter at @rshevlin.

Next Steps

The following are a few past blog posts I’m hoping you’ll read if this is your first visit here:

iPhone Sluts

The Five People You Meet On Twitter

Financial Diseases

The Cost Of Retention Versus Acquisition

Measuring Social Media (What One Credit Union Should Have Done)


6 thoughts on “About

  1. SOOOOO VERY STOKED YOU ARE BACK AND REVVED UP! Welcome back, Ron!!! Setting the world straight, by debunking one misguided marketing concept after another…. Look up, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s THE SHEVLINATOR!!

  2. First time on the site & I’m already pretty sure I’d follow you into battle, anytime anywhere. Haven’t been this excited about fresh snark since discovering Wonkette way back when.

  3. Wanted to be sure I completed the “next steps” on your about page, but your link with the title “iPhone Sluts” is dead. And since I fear I could be one, it is imperative that I get to read that post. I am hoping my self-diagnosis is terribly wrong! Please end my worry and fix your link. 🙂

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