My Blogging Resolutions For 2008

It’s not too early to make new year’s resolutions, is it? Here are my blogging resolutions for 2008:

5) I will not look at my blog’s Technorati ranking. I hate admitting that I look at it now. A couple of months ago, I watched this blog’s ranking drop 10,000 spots, even though the”authority” didn’t change. More recently, I’ve seen it seesaw between a 6,000 point spread — again with no change in the blog’s authority. I will not look at Technorati in 2008.

4) I will not look at Ad Age’s Top 150 Marketing Blogs list. Which is a list of about 500, not 150 blogs (furthering my suspicions that some ad folks aren’t great with math). A methodology that uses Bloglines subscribers is flawed right from the start. Of the subscribers that this blog has gained in the four or so months since I signed up with AddThis, only 10% of subscribers have come in through Bloglines. And Todd And only gave this blog a 12 on his subjective rating. What’s the matter, Todd, this blog isn’t “frequent, relevant, creative and high-quality” enough for you? Feh.

3) I will not blog drunk.
Not that I’ve blogged drunk before. But considering a few of the stupid comments I’ve posted, I’ve got to wonder about my mental state was at the time. So I resolve to be a lot more careful when choosing my words. A lot more careful. No more off the cuff comments that come back to bite me. If Tim McAlpine wants to challenge what I write, that’s great (I mean that). But I’m not going to give him — or anyone else — an easy target by publishing stuff I didn’t really mean.

2) I will post less (here). I will post less, and comment more on the sites I read. And I will also post more on Epsilon’s site, and less here. Make the boss happy. That’ll be a first.

1) I will focus on writing good stuff. In 2008, every post I publish will meet one criteria: Add value to the conversation. I will not be a regurgiblogger or a linklobber.

OK, enough of my blogging resolutions. You got any?