New Business Idea: Custom Twitter Avatars

I told a friend (@chaztoo, if you must know) that I thought he should start a business creating custom Twitter avatars. I know that there are online services like FaceYourManga, but those don’t produce anything of really high quality, nor are they very unique. 

@chaztoo is a great artist. Take a look at this picture he posted on his Tumblr:

Wouldn’t you pay something to have him create a custom Twitter avatar for you?

Or maybe, would you pay to have him to do this as a gift for someone else?

Maybe your company, who’s trying to create/support your brand using Twitter, could benefit by having custom avatars — that had a graphic element consistent in each of the avatars — for the people most active on the channel?

Favor, please: Leave a comment letting me know what you think of this idea. Your input will probably determine if @chaztoo does this or not. 


8 thoughts on “New Business Idea: Custom Twitter Avatars

  1. “Pay someone” is vague, but, yes, @chaztoo is talented enough for me to want to engage him for my own avatar. Shouldn’t you also leverage for a petition to get him to do this? 🙂

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  3. I think it’s a cool idea. I’m not sure how much I would pay personally for something like that, but surely others with more disposable income for such things would pay for the service.

    Can you make the avatars play the blues? 🙂

  4. Oh I so love this avatar idea!
    A korean social media platform ‘Cyworld’ was super successful with mini-me, people were so crazy about expressing own identity through iconic visuals. Illustration is even better idea. Character-full and do human…

  5. Ron, you’ve got me interested. I’m working out some pricing ideas now and will try my rooting tootingest to have some kind of page up on my company site soon.

  6. I’d probably pay for a caricature avatar like above but as MattMonge states I wouldn’t be sure how much it costs.
    I would also be interested in using the design on my ‘future’ business cards 😉

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