Top 5 Tweets Of The Week (May 6)

I noticed a very disturbing trend this week regarding the top tweets: References to body parts. This is probably something that I just need to deal with, but references to certain parts of the body strike me as inappropriate for tweeting. But hey, I’m the guy who’s bugged by tweets about what you had for breakfast or a play-by-play account of your plane delay.

[Please note that I haven’t ranked this week’s Top 5 Tweets. Was hoping that y’all would vote on them to determine the top tweets. So the list is in chronological order, and not ranked. Please vote at the end of this post.]


@chrisgiles: You can’t spell “analyze” without “anal”.

As a Senior ANALyst for a leading ANALyst firm, thanks so much for that observation, Chris.


@michelleheath: Stressed. Took a moment to put on lipgloss. Feel much less stressed. What do u do when you’re stressed to de-stress?

Prozac in a lip gloss dispenser. What will they think of next?


@senigri: Love NYC in the Spring. Working from park -chess game on one side, bum picking toes on the other side…Ready to make some sales calls

We all do different things to psych ourselves up for big meetings and events.  Remember the episode of The Office where Jim and Dwight go on a sales call, and Dwight is in the back seat playing air guitar to some heavy metal music and punching the back of the driver’s seat before going in to the call? That’s not nearly as motivational as watching bums pick their toes.


@elwoodicious: My kid picking her nose plucks a booger out and proudly declares, “I found gold, dad.”

What, no picture?


@RockyHunter: I seriously think I just saw a woman with a butt implant. There is no way that was real.

Pictures, people, pictures. I know you’re tweeting from your smartphone, there’s no reason why you can’t tweet the picture. Rocky might be on to something here. I haven’t listened to Howard Stern in a while, so I don’t know if he still does this routine or not, but he used to do a segment called Real or Fake? where he would…I don’t really have to describe this to you, do I? Maybe Rocky could do a segment on real/fake butts. Go for it, dude.


@sharistorm: My original post had ‘wonder bra’ as the #2 best invention in my lifetime but I toned it down for work. Ladies?

Hey, Shari: The question was “what is the best invention of your lifetime?” not “what is Canada’s greatest contribution to modern civilization?”


So here’s the list of top tweets for the week. You can vote for up to 3 tweets, and you can come back and vote as many times as you like.  


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