Top 5 Tweets Of The Week

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to keep track of the tweets that just really make my day. I did it this week, but probably will get too lazy to do it again. But for the week of April 24th, here are my top 5 tweets of the week:

5) @dolce001:  aite cipher group innit.babu damuwa i cld stat 4rm somwhere ROME waznt built in a day”LMAO dnt wory I wl fix u sumwhr

Since I work for Aite Group, I have a search column set up for “Aite Group” in Tweetdeck. Aite means partner or counterpart in Japanese. It also has some slang meaning, so as a result, I see tweets show up in Tweetdeck from people that I don’t follow (and am not very likely to). If you have ANY IDEA what this tweet is supposed be saying, please let me know. On second thought, don’t.

4) @victoriablogger: RT@factchimp Eating dandelions can make you urinate more.

C’mon, admit it. It’s tweets like these that make you realize how truly valuable Twitter is.

3) @aden_76: Thighs aching, lungs burning. All worth it.

It’s bad enough that people tweet the play-by-play of their airplane delays, or what they had for breakfast. Now I have to endure tweets from my Twitter buddies about when they have sex. Oh, and since I know you’re wondering: No, I did NOT click on the picture.

2) @priteshpatel9: Oh yeeeeeeesssss!!!!! Two Krispy Kreme dog-nuts left in the fridge!

This just goes to prove that if you pay attention on Twitter, you can learn something new every day. On the day of this tweet, I learned TWO new things. First, I never knew that Krispy Kreme sold dog nuts. Second, it had never occurred to me before to keep my dog’s nuts in the refrigerator.

And the #1 tweet of the week….

1) @Jimmy Marks: Bear and Rabbit are pooping in the woods. Bear: “Does poo stick to your fur?” Rabbit: “No”. So the bear wipes his butt with the rabbit.


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Tweets Of The Week

  1. #1 from Marks actually added some value to my day: why some one asks a question is more important than the answer. A reminder that happened to fit without the bullshit daily advice tweet wrappings.

    Thank you Ron and Jimmy! Let the #tweeteria continue…

  2. LOVE IT. This is a fantastic way to end each week. PLEASE PLEASE make this a weekly thing.

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