Credit Unionistas

Over at the CU Soapbox, Ron Daly suggested that credit union employees be called “credit unionists.” According to Ron:

“What is a credit unionist? Having just made it up, I’m not sure, but because so many of you hate being called bankers, we’ve got to come up with something else. If you’ve got better ideas, I’m all ears.”

I like where Ron is going with this, and I’d like to suggest a minor edit in his term.

After all, a “unionist”, at least to me, evokes the image of someone who belongs to a union like the United Auto Workers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I have nothing against unions (as long as they don’t strike and disrupt my life, or negotiate for things that cause the price I have to pay for stuff to go up). But it’s probably not what credit union folks are trying to portray themselves as.

I’d like to propose the term Credit Unionista (cred-it youn-ya-neesta).

I think that conjures up the notion of a cross between a Central American bandit and a Starbucks barista. Part revolutionary, part hip dude (or dudette).

After all, if — as Tim McAlpine is discussing on his blog — it’s going to be the credit union movement, and not just system, then the participants in the movement need a cool name.

@itsjustbrent and @jimmymarks can get started on developing recruiting brochures for the credit unionista army.

And since every worthwhile movement needs its own anthem, I was thinking that maybe The Disclosures could put some music to the following lyrics:

Hey, listen up Mista,
Don’t you want to be a credit unionista?
Tell your mama and your sista,
You’re gonna be a credit unionista.
Get your nephews and your niece-stas
To join the credit unionistas,
Cuz we’re gonna round up all the bankeristas,
And kick their fat old ugly keisters.

That might need a little work.


12 thoughts on “Credit Unionistas

  1. Nice play on fashionista and that jingle/rap is too funny. If the CU’s can capitalize on their opportunity and develop something “hip” or “cool” in terms of ways to reference themselves, they may be able to lure away those disenchanted customers who have had it with the banks.

    How about Croonunist – they can belt out a tune while offering financial service (pull out the hook and sound the gong haha).

  2. Perhaps unionist would be the proper term since many credit unions started out as providers for union workers tied to large employers. However, seems like the credit unions are more interested in distancing themselves from their roots by opening themselves to all. Now that I think about it, I’m really not sure who they are since they strayed so far from their original purpose.

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