Announcing A New Social Network: DOODs

Yo, doods! Got a question for you: What makes for a great social network?

Answer: A manageable, meaningful group of people with a set of shared experiences that helps to create an emotional bond among the network’s participants.

A good social network can’t be too small, nor can it include everyone under the sun. And while a bunch of people brush their teeth everyday, that act isn’t exactly conducive to creating an emotional bond among the people who do it.

I tell you this by way of introducing a new social network on It’s called:

DOODs: Dads Of Only Daughters

While plenty of guys are dads, not all have only daughters. And those of us who do share some common feelings and experiences:

  1. Our minds are controlled by a force 1000 times greater than the forces of gravity and nature.
  2. We deal — daily — with a level of irrational thought and behavior that tests our sanity.
  3. We wouldn’t trade what we have for anything in the world.

What about the moms of only daughters? Well, they can go create their own social network: MOODs. (Members of this group will be the MOODYs, and I’m sure there will be good moods and bad moods).

So, if you qualify, please join this new network and become a DOOD.

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11 thoughts on “Announcing A New Social Network: DOODs

  1. I’d be honored and happy to dive right in – I want to be a charter DOOD. Mine are 22 and 20, and I have the grey hair and therapy bills to prove it!


  2. Long-time reader of your blog and have always enjoyed your insightful commentary. This post, however, actually prompted my first reply because it hits much closer to home than any post about financial marketing ever could. Well played 😉

  3. You just picked up on a potential weakness associated with certain online networks that don’t provide natural, emotional bonds.

    One for me is Facebook and another might be Twitter. Long term, “these everything for everybody” will evolve into something else or collapse on their own weight.

    Obviously, I could be dead wrong about this.

    But I just don’t get the benefit of some of these online social networks. They sop up energy providing very little in return. Are they really long term business propositions?

  4. @Ted: At one level you’re right, but really Facebook has become a networking platform, enabling “a thousand networks to bloom.” So while there’s no shortage of pundits eager to tell us that there are 900 billion people on Facebook (or whatever the # is), the reality is that is not one big, happy social network.

    Twitter is another animal. I don’t think of it as a social network, nor a social networking platform. I think the originators thought of it as “microblogging”, to me it’s one of two things, either: 1) group IM, or 2) a broadcasting tool.

    For me it’s the former. But when I see that there are people with 4,000 followers, I find it hard to believe that they can have meaningful conversations with that many people. Instead, its more like blasting their tweets to the throngs.

  5. @Wayne: Thanks for leaving a comment. If you’re “not sure about the DOODs site”, then either: a) you’re not a DOOD, or b) your daughters are still young. If it’s (b), just wait. Just you wait.

  6. What do you think of a Social network which will work for charity?

    Of course Users will not do the charity!! 😉

    Part of revenue from the site will go straight to charity. (Only available in India till 31st Jan 2009) It will be available for entire world soon!

    A social network with added features than anybody else in the market & having completely different vision!

    It will be available for entire world soon!


    “Charity Sees the Need not the Cause”

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