My Favorite Marketing Magazine

Are you sitting down? Please do — because what I’m going to say might shock you.

My favorite marketing magazine is from the post office.

I don’t just mean that the post office delivers my favorite marketing magazine to me (which it does). I mean that the post office publishes my favorite marketing magazine.

OK, it’s not really the “post office,” but the USPS that publishes it. I’m referring to a magazine called Deliver. This magazine fills a huge hole in the publishing world: A magazine that recognizes that advertising and branding aren’t the only components of what constitutes “marketing,” and a magazine that isn’t narrowly focused on only “new” marketing approaches like social media and Web 2.0.

The old CMO magazine used to fill this void, but, alas, is no longer around, and Pepper & Rogers’ 1:1 magazine is certainly a great publication. But there are a few things about Deliver that makes me look forward to receiving it: 1) Interesting design; 2) Uniqueness of articles; and 3) It’s short and readable.

Check out Deliver.

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Marketing Magazine

  1. Ron,

    I completely agree with your sentiment regarding “Deliver” – it has a great look, it’s well written, and usually has some actionable ideas. One of the periodicals I read cover-to-cover. They typically have an article or two that highlights the value of data-driven strategies supported by (warning: selfless promotion ahead) marketing services providers like mine. It’s good to see the USPS supporting their own media.

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