It’s one year to the day that I started this blog. When I started, I identified a number of goals I wanted to accomplish. I’ve accomplished none of them. But I would like to say a couple of thank-yous to:

  • Adelino de Almeida. I used to send Adelino drafts of some of my early posts to see if they passed the “adds value” test. Oh, and to see if they crossed the “too offensive” line. I’m not going to show you what didn’t pass the test.
  • Jim Novo. Jim was an early reader, commenter, and supporter. And if I could read only one blog, it would be his.
  • Everybody who subscribes to (and reads) this blog. I really appreciate it. Truly. No sarcasm. Special thanks to David Gerbino who was the second subscriber (#1 is a former colleague).

I’ve also decided to change the look and feel of the blog. I’ve dropped the “ROI” from the title, and changed the format. In marketing parlance, it’s called “rebranding.” It’s what marketers do every year to create the illusion of progress, so I figure I should do it too.

I’ve also added a new tag line. I think it’s more indicative of what I’m writing about.

If you really really hate the changes, let me know. (Not that I’m going to change it back, but hey, I’ll hear you out).

UPDATE: Cr@p. Changed it back. And for one reason: Jacqueline and Elaine were right — the Comments font was too small. I couldn’t read it. Didn’t see that when I tried out the new format.  But I want Generations? to know that my changing the format back had nothing to do with his email.

11 thoughts on “Rebranding

  1. :)) about the mass confusion and I will certainly keep following you since you are on my blogroll and I don’ t how to change that.

    But seriously, I do like the redesign but there seems to be a little bit blurring (cnfusion) in the tagline and the comment letters are really too small for someone my age.

  2. 2 things: your header looks poorly optimized (chunky around the edges of the letters) and the commenting font is too small. I may be a Gen Xer, but my eyeballs are old before their time.

    I’ve been enjoying your writing as I settle into a new industry; it helps me get oriented and to think critically about what I’m doing and what those around me are doing. Thanks!

  3. Congrats on a fabulous year of contributing some excellent insights in this crazy, fun, never-a-dull-moment world we like to call maafketing. errrr, I meant mallketing. no wait, I know, it’s miscutting.

  4. Elaine – regardless of which generation we’re in, the old format sucked 🙂 … Happy Ron took our advice and reverted back to the good old days… Do note I actually made a HUGE impact on his decision to go back…

    Ron, all kidding aside, yours’ is an excellent blog. Really does what blogs are supposed to do: Provide valuable, original and personality-driven content in a way that’s highly enjoyable… and you’ve clearly provoked a lot of reaction and debate within a smart circle of executives/influencers…

    Congrats on year 1… Looking fwd to what you have in store for us for many Generations? to come. 🙂

  5. To be clear, by “old format” I meant to say the new format that Ron went to for today… The old format (the one he just reverted back to) is much cleaner, easier to read and more professional looking.

    By the way, the ease at which Ron was able to go back and forth reflects really well on WordPress… It really is such a great tool. I recall that Ron may have posted on the merits of WordPress versus crappy tools like Blogspot in the past…

    Very cool how you can manipulate wordpress to look and feel exactly as you want it, tailored to your precise specifications… No two wordpress blogs should be alike… And ain’t that what we’re all here to talk about folks?

  6. Ron,

    Over the span of a few months, I’ve come to regard you as a refreshing thinker who has the cojones to offer up a regular “bite me” to the ideas that deserve it. I had no idea you had been doing this for only a year. I raise my glass of Winter Skal in your honor.

  7. You’re a closet Brander.

    And you’re making me blush. Thanks for the hat tip. And your early support of my efforts as well – my blog will be a year old next week.

    I am probably one of the few people in the audience that has met Ron in person. Twice.

    Folks, if you think his blog is good, try him live. He’s even better!

  8. @Generations? — WordPress is da bomb. 🙂 I liked some of the color choices of that other version — it’d be interesting to see something that blended the two. (And yes, this is much easier to read.)

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