My Blogging Resolutions For 2008

It’s not too early to make new year’s resolutions, is it? Here are my blogging resolutions for 2008:

5) I will not look at my blog’s Technorati ranking. I hate admitting that I look at it now. A couple of months ago, I watched this blog’s ranking drop 10,000 spots, even though the”authority” didn’t change. More recently, I’ve seen it seesaw between a 6,000 point spread — again with no change in the blog’s authority. I will not look at Technorati in 2008.

4) I will not look at Ad Age’s Top 150 Marketing Blogs list. Which is a list of about 500, not 150 blogs (furthering my suspicions that some ad folks aren’t great with math). A methodology that uses Bloglines subscribers is flawed right from the start. Of the subscribers that this blog has gained in the four or so months since I signed up with AddThis, only 10% of subscribers have come in through Bloglines. And Todd And only gave this blog a 12 on his subjective rating. What’s the matter, Todd, this blog isn’t “frequent, relevant, creative and high-quality” enough for you? Feh.

3) I will not blog drunk.
Not that I’ve blogged drunk before. But considering a few of the stupid comments I’ve posted, I’ve got to wonder about my mental state was at the time. So I resolve to be a lot more careful when choosing my words. A lot more careful. No more off the cuff comments that come back to bite me. If Tim McAlpine wants to challenge what I write, that’s great (I mean that). But I’m not going to give him — or anyone else — an easy target by publishing stuff I didn’t really mean.

2) I will post less (here). I will post less, and comment more on the sites I read. And I will also post more on Epsilon’s site, and less here. Make the boss happy. That’ll be a first.

1) I will focus on writing good stuff. In 2008, every post I publish will meet one criteria: Add value to the conversation. I will not be a regurgiblogger or a linklobber.

OK, enough of my blogging resolutions. You got any?


22 thoughts on “My Blogging Resolutions For 2008

  1. Your third resolution will help my “I won’t dog pile on smart bloggers’ off-the-cuff, deeply buried comments anymore” resolution. I will aim to build readership in more respectable ways next year so I can someday safely travel to Boston! Keep up the good work in 2008 Ron.

  2. I am 😦 with and wondered about your second resolution. 😦 because I prefer the marketing roi look and feel above the one of your boss. And wondering about it because I don’t see why your boss could not be 🙂 about you writing here. I think he should be proud of you doing so!

  3. @Tim: You didn’t do anything that I wouldn’t have — jump all over something that was wrong and indefensible.

    @ William: We’ll see how long that resolution lasts.

    @Jacqueline: Thanks for the kind words. I think, to a certain extent, that my boss believes that I’m building personal brand, maybe not at the expense of, but certainly instead of, Epsilon brand. And I don’t think he’s off-base there.

  4. Your resolutions are noteworthy. I’m especially impressed with #5. I recently read a blog post (with a corresponding ebook download) that indicates that the rating sites have a game-like quality to them. The way I interpret is – if you know how to play the game you increase your rating.

  5. Mine is to comment more, too. With a background as a reporter and editor, commenting on someone else’s material is even newer to me than writing “articles” (posts) in the first person. (“I think” rather than, “s/he said.”) But I believe that comments build the community so here goes!

  6. As I head into my 7th year of blogging, I suppose I should probably think about what I’m doing with it….

    When I have a bright idea for a post while biking or taking a shower, I will write it down immediately.

    I will try blogging about professional things once in a while, though still keeping to my long-time rule about not blogging directly about work.

    I will finish all the little fixes to my design that I’ve been “meaning to get to one of these days.”

    That would be it, I think. (Also, I almost can’t believe that I’ve been doing this for so long. It’ll be seven years in April since I made my first post via Blogger.)

  7. Ron – Love #1 for my own resolution list!

    I also resolve to provide popcorn for everyone for the next Shevlin-McAlpine blogospheric dust-up. 😉

  8. I’m going to try and stop taking things so personally. I read a lot of consultant blogs and it’s hard not to get upset when I feel like people are pointing fingers, saying what I do is wrong or of poor quality. I think what I’m saying is, I need to adjust my attitude/perspective when reading and focus on the positive takeaways.

    I’m also going to try and post more interesting content. I shy away from writing about marketing b/c of my thin skin. I’m afraid of mean comments! I am a delicate flower!

    Ron, I like your blog. Keep up the good work!

  9. I resolve to:

    1. Not worry that my blog scores an elementary school level of writing. (thanks for that Ron….)

    2. Figure out what Technorati is and how I can get ranked.

    3. Let my friend Robbie Wright move my blog to a higher level both physically and spiritually.

    4. Continue writing my blogs from bars (like I am right now).

    I started my blog in a bar…..damnit!

  10. Here’s my resolution–I’m gonna figure out how to incorporate video. That is, without me and Nancy looking like some talking heads. Try to make it fun, maybe some interviews with people on the street (so we can hear them bad-mouth junk mail!).

    I’m gonna need your honest feedback–but no bad hair jokes! Ron, I look forward to your increased commentary, especially when we give you video fodder to ponder!

  11. @Suzanne: That’s a great resolution. Especially since I know you don’t mean “mindlessly linking to stupid YouTube videos like millions of other bloggers.” Or at least I think you don’t mean that.

  12. @Denise: Finally, things are beginning to make sense. You blog from bars! No wonder your perspective on the Net Promoters Score is screwed up.

  13. Resolutions:
    1. To attend at least one gathering to meet some of the above bloggers in person.
    2. Blog more with abundant use of the Oxford English Dictionary.
    3. Journey to the land of Shevlin & Partee – Boston!
    4. Be less dogmatic.
    5. Listen to better music while blogging.

  14. @Jacques: Perhaps you’d consider becoming a charter member of the new support group I’m starting up. It’s called SOBER (Stressed Out Bloggers for Emotional Reinforcement).

  15. I was just Googling to see who else wrote about their 2008 blogging resolutions and came across your post. Best of luck with (5): if I can get down to checking Google Analytics, Technorati, Feedburner, etc. only once per day, it’ll be a good start to curbing my addictions 🙂

  16. My resolution is actually to blog – I’ve left a trail of started and not continued blogs across the blogoshere – 2008 is the year I stick with one!

    BTW I love your terminology in point 1 – regurgiblogger that should be in the dictionary!

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