Random Thoughts From Ad:Tech

Thought I’d share some of the stuff that went through my head (and in one case, out my mouth) during my trip to NY for the Ad:Tech conference.


[On the subway to the hotel] “New Yorkers are freaking amazing. How the hell can they sleep on the subway, and wake up just in time for their stop?”


[On the exhibit hall floor] “It’s now official. There are more lead gen companies out there than there are leads.”


[On the exhibit hall floor] “Mobile better be big, or this show will be half the size in two years.”


[On the escalator at the hotel] “C’mon escalator, getta move on here, the creepy guy behind me is wearing yellow sneakers and has question marks all over his suit.”


[On the exhibit hall floor] “Twenty million little companies, all promising to deliver ‘new and innovative’ ways to stick crappy advertising in the faces of consumers who don’t want to see it. What an industry.”


[Over a cup of coffee w/ the Trabianites] “I wonder if people think I’m cool, cuz I’m hanging with these guys. Nah, nobody’s that stupid.”


[Milling around the hotel] “If Wall Street and Madison Avenue had a conference at the same hotel at the same time, and a wrecking crew mistakenly tore down the hotel, would that be good or bad for the economy?”


[On the exhibit hall floor] “Everybody and their mother is an expert in search engine optimization.”


[On the exhibit hall floor] “Gee, it’s awfully quiet at the web analytics vendors’ booths. The term ‘analytics’ must be scaring people away.”


[To Charlie Trotter on the way back from lunch] “You never know when you might see somebody famous in NY.”


[On the walk back to Penn Station to catch the train home] “Hey, there’s ex-Knick Bill Bradley walking towards me. Told you, Charlie.”


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6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts From Ad:Tech

  1. “It’s now official. There are more lead gen companies out there than there are leads.”


    If it weren’t for lead generation companies, my email box would be so empty!

  2. I can’t believe you actually went to the show! Must have been quite painful to be surrounded by 10,000 true believers. “My banner sucks less than yours” is hardly a promising USP…

    To borrow a phrase from the blogosphere discussion on Facebook’s new advertising strategy: “The Cluetrain has finally left the rails.”

  3. @Shari: You’re lucky. If it weren’t for companies (people?) thinking that I have sexual problems, insecurity about my body parts, or an inclination to spend money on pornography, my email box would be empty.

    @Jim: What was truly painful was the fact that the space wasn’t big enough for all the exhibitors. They should’ve had it at the Javits Center. It was too crowded, and there didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the layout.

  4. “How the hell can they sleep on the subway, and wake up just in time for their stop?”

    I used to do that on the bus and in the vanpool all the time. Come to think of it, come January, when the bike commuting is less than savory, I’ll probably be doing that on the bus again.

    In [mumble mumble] years of taking buses in high school, college, and to work, I don’t think I’ve ever slept through my stop.

    You get a feel for the time and motion that’s involved with your specific route when you’re taking it every day. And at least for me, it’s not as though I fall all the way asleep, usually, just catch a light nap. It can be quite refreshing.

  5. I know people think all of us Trabians look the same, but that was me who saw Bill Bradley with you Ron. And here I am thinking we had a moment.

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