Updated Bank Ad Slogans For 2008

As we approach 2008, I thought it was high time that some financial firms updated their ad slogans. Here are my suggestions:


Other suggestions welcome. (Click here for the source of the original slogans)

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9 thoughts on “Updated Bank Ad Slogans For 2008

  1. Hilarious. From research guy to direct response guy. Clearly your datahead would be better used at a international brand consultancy. It’s not too late.

  2. Citizen’s Bank – “Not Your Typical Bank.” Should be “Your Typical Bank”
    City National Bank – “The Way Up.” Should be “Fees Way Up.”
    Crescent Bank – “Have a Nice Bank” Might as well be “We acknowledge most banks are not nice – we are the exception”

  3. My all-time favorite tag line was from a credit union in Eugene —

    Let’s call them WTFCU. And it went a lil’ something like this….

    WTFCU, “Serves you right.”

    You don’t even need to change that one…..

  4. Back before NationsBank was B of A their slogan was “Someday we’ll be your bank.”

    Internally, we joked: “Someday we’ll buy your bank”

  5. This post really hit the spot! The reason your revised slogans ring true is that sadly, they ARE true.

    Let’s be honest. We’ve all had similar reactions to these tag lines.

    Most slogans are wish statements rather than a revelation of reality. This is particularly true of banks because they don’t have an identity. They are nothing more than commodity factories and every customer knows it.

  6. Bob — How true. I live in the Boston area. I used to joke that as a banking customer “you can run from Fleet, but you can’t hide.” No matter who you banked w/ around here (Shawmut, Bank of Boston, etc.), Fleet bought ’em out.

    Ted — I wholeheartedly agree that these are wish statements that don’t describe reality. But most of these firms (and other FIs) aren’t commodity factories. The products may be commoditized, but the customer experiences across these firms are very different. What’s unfortunate is that the slogans, or tag lines, do nothing to help customers and prospects understand how the experience is different.

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