Off-Topic: What Kind Of Lunatic Does This?

I sat in the bulkhead aisle seat on a flight from Pittsburgh to Boston not long ago. The guy in the row in front of me (in first class), and across the aisle, turns on his PC to watch a movie. The movie: Airport.

That’s right. A movie about impending air travel doom. And he’s watching it while flying on an airplane.

I wanted to get up, grab the PC, and smash it on the floor. And say “that’ll make you think twice about watching that movie on an airplane.”

7 thoughts on “Off-Topic: What Kind Of Lunatic Does This?

  1. Mike: I was originally going to title the post “what kind of idiot does this?”
    But then I thought: What if somebody I know did this? So I changed idiot to lunatic.It’s got me thinking about another off-topic post: “The Top 10 Movies To NOT Watch On A Airplane”.

    Airport, Flight 93, anything with Marilyn Chambers and Harry Reems, ….gotta think of a few more.

  2. No, I didn’t think it would it crash the plane, but c’mon — you don’t think watching that movie while flying isn’t a little strange? The movie is what, 30 years old? Was there NOTHING else done in the past 30 years that this guy could find to watch?

    It’s like watching Marathon Man before going to the dentist.

  3. My Ex used to watch the channel called Wings (I think that was the name) every single night before I had to fly somewhere. Inevitably, the show was about planes crashing, hijacks, etc.

    I’m not the greatest flyer in the world to begin with–watching planes crashing in horrible ways the night before the flight didn’t help any 🙂

  4. Ron,

    You need some drink vouchers man. I think that would be awesome to watch that movie on a plane. Because, A: it’s from the 70’s and the hairstyles and fashion alone are worth it and B: the special effects were so bad then you’d need the occasional bump of real turbulence to enhance it.

    Thanks for the tip – I’m adding it to my Netflix queue now.

    Your lunatic flying friend.
    Denise Wymore
    100K flyer with United

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