A New Google Category

We’re going to need a new Google category soon.

Google currently enables topic-specific searches within books, scholarly journals, government sites, and — most recently — public source code. In addition, image searches have been a personal favorite.

But with the gaining popularity of sites like Swivel and Many Eyes, we’re going to need a new category: Data. The ability to search for specific data points in the sea of data that is increasingly being tamed (ok, better organized) by these sites will be a boon for many people, let alone for marketers.

I have no idea what goes on within the Google walls, but I bet we’ll see a new category for topic-specific searches in the near future.

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One thought on “A New Google Category

  1. Great links Ron – never heard of Many Eyes but it’s a great concept.

    I guess this is something that Google docs is going to target eventually. Imagine a spreadsheet which can import data from almost any source you can imagine on the spot.

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