Books That Seth Godin Should Have Written

Having finished reading the pile of books I took out of the library, I broke down and started reading Seth Godin’s new book, which I got for free at my firm’s recent conference (where Godin spoke). After page three, I had had enough, and started thinking about the books that Godin should have written:

  • The Dip Shit: A Little Book That Teaches You How To Deal With Lousy Bosses
  • Purple Haze: Transform Your Business By Doing LSD
  • The Big Yoo: Stop Trying To Be Perfect And Start Accepting Your Weight Problem
  • The Big Dead Prez: How To Make Any Democrat Feel Better
  • Small Is The New Big: The Power Of Telling Authentic Lies To Dumb-Ass Consumers
  • The Bootlicker’s Bible: There’s never been a better time to kiss the boss’ ass. This manifesto will show you how.

Now those are books I might get past page three on.

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16 thoughts on “Books That Seth Godin Should Have Written

  1. That’s very funny stuff, Ron.

    I even laughed out loud at a few.

    When your new book is ready, give me a shout and I’ll be sure to review it.


  2. Ron,

    You forgot….

    Mediocre to Good: Let’s Face It. You’re Never Gonna Be Great Cuz It’s Too Hard

    Who Moved My Stapler? The Sequel to Office Space

    SUCK UP TIME: Seth, I think you’re the bomb.

    Oh, and I DID write a book. Tattoos: The Ultimate Proof of a Successful Brand. Available on


  3. Can’t agree on not getting past page 3 of The Dip (I’m in the midst of listening to it for my third time), but I’m loving the suggested reading.

    How about “Free Prize Outside: If They Don’t Pay, Don’t Let Them In.”

  4. Brett: Listening to the book for the third time, eh?….At least Denise admits to being a suck up.

    Denise: I would expect a self-professed Seth Godin fan like yourself to know that Seth didn’t write Good to Great or Who Moved My Cheese? If you’re going to be a suck-up, you’re going to have to do better than that.

    (If the 2nd were written today it would be called “Don’t Touch My F*ing Cheese Or I’ll File A Complaint Against Your Sorry Ass”)

  5. Ron,

    Once again you’ve over analyzed my post.
    Relax. It’s fun…..

    Okay –now that I know the rules:

    All Former Forrester Research Employees Are Angry: The Power of Telling off Loyal Blog Posters in a Low Self-Esteem World

  6. Ron,

    If you couldn’t get past page three, I dare say that you may have missed the point of the book. But we’ll save that for later 🙂 Here’s my contribution:

    Arrival Is Only A Bluff: Queuing, Pollution and the Future of the Airline Industry.

    I’ve already run the NPS score and it would be the talk of the town. Thanks for a laugh!

  7. Bill: I didn’t miss the POINT of the book at all. It’s just that I don’t need to read another book that tells me something that I already know. I’d be better served DOING what I know I should do, rather than READING about it. You don’t lose weight reading exercise books. (well, OK, you do — but VERY VERY slowly).

  8. Ron,

    If you know, then you know. However, there are many that do not know. They read (or learn some other way) and then do. I think that is the whole point of your blog (or most anyone’s blog) – you are hoping that others will read so that we can do – or at least corroborate what they already know.

  9. Brett: One rule I honestly try to keep to is this: Criticize the action, not the person. I said I didn’t like Seth’s book. That doesn’t diminish the respect I have for him. And if something I said led you to arrive at “thick-headed”, then I’m truly sorry. In no way did I mean to imply that.

    Bill: “the whole point of this blog” is something I’ve been struggling with lately. Your perspective did slap me upside the head, and make me realize this: I should quit worrying about what the point of the blog is, and let whoever reads it come to their own conclusion.

  10. Ron Shev-lin,

    [Read this comment while listening to “Just a Ride” by Jem.]

    I love your blog, your attitude and the people you attract. Not sure why, but I do.

    Don’t forget to enjoy the ride…..

  11. Denise — Thanks for the comment. I’d prefer to read it to the Dead’s Hell In A Bucket: “I may be going to hell in a bucket, but at least I’m enjoying the ride.”

  12. How ’bout “Permission to Market Like a Wimp: How to Operate Invisibly Inside a Mediocre Marketing Organization and Keep Your Job for at Least a Year”

    Full disclosure: I read “Permission Marketing” in one weekend and it changed our direct marketing shop forever. Check out our work in email and you’ll see what I mean.

  13. Books That Jeffry Pilcher Should Have Written:

    Stickin’ It Where The Sun Don’t Shine: Growing A Marketing Services Agency In Seattle

    The Assault On Reason: Getting Execs To Believe That Branding Matters

    The Seven Habits Of Over-Caffeinated People

    [tell me when to stop]

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