Dude Writes Like A Lady

If you blog, then click here and prepare to waste the next hour or two of your life. The Gender Genie will analyze your writing and tell you if you write a like a man or a woman.

I put about 10 of my recent posts through the genie and it came back in nine of them predicting that the writer was a man.

At first I thought: Phew! That’s a relief! And then I thought: Wait — they didn’t say if that was good that I wrote like a man.

And now I can’t get that Aerosmith song out of my head.

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14 thoughts on “Dude Writes Like A Lady

  1. What does it say about me that I blog like a dude but comment like a girl?

  2. Of the last 5 longer posts: 2 male, 3 female. Hm. My bike safety and weight loss posts were more guy-ish, and my random-bits-of-life posts were more girlie. Not quite sure how to take that. And most of them were not overwhelmingly one or the other. A gender-neutral voice? Who knew?!

  3. Check this out: I went to the Women’s Financial Network site, copied an entry on “Intro to Investing” and pasted it into Gender Genie. It’s prediction: Written by a man! What do you think of THAT, Muriel Siebert?

  4. Ron, you are 10% more of a man than me. I ran 10 through and had 8 male, 2 female. And, yes, you owe me the last hour back!

  5. Sorry to burst your [manly] bubble, Tim — but you clicked on the US version. You’ll have to wait until they come out with a Canadian version.

  6. 2 Comments:

    If you’re a man, it’s never bad that you blog like a man.

    It’s never bad having an Aerosmith tune stuck in your head.

    Now I’ll go see what gender I’m sharing with the rest of the blogosphere.

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