Back in June 1980, I was out in Boulder, CO to see a couple of Grateful Dead shows that were billed as the “15th anniversary concerts.” Bob Weir was interviewed on a local radio station and asked what significance the 15th anniversary held to him and the rest of the band. He said:

It doesn’t mean anything to us. We’ve been playing for 15 years, we’ll play for 15 more.”

[What’s eerie is that he was right — almost to the day]

What does this have to do with this blog? Nothing, really. Except that my last post was the 100th post of this blog. And as I thought about what that meant, I realized that it didn’t mean anything.

I’ve posted 100 entries, I’ll post 100 more.

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6 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. If nothing else milestones are an opportunity to look back and reflect. We all need more time in our lives to pause and reflect. : )

    Congratulations Ron. I’ll echo Morriss: Blog on!!


  2. Morriss and Avinash — Thanks for your comments.

    I did look back and reflect. And originally wrote something completely different from what I ended up posting.

    And Avinash — Was looking for you in Boston this week, sorry I couldn’t find you. I heard you did a session at ACCM w/ our mutual friend Larry.

  3. Ron – I think I saw the same tour, but in Irvine, CA! Good to find you again, I followed your work when you were at Forrester as I do consulting in the Credit Union space. We were originally connected by the folks at Experion Systems (Ross B.).

    Here’s to your next 1000 posts! Unless, of course, we move beyond blogs by then.

  4. Now Ratdog’s been together for 12 years, well, only Bobby and Jay Lane from the original four, but I wonder if asked if he’d say another 12 for RD? I guess we can only hope so!

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