A Credit Union That NEEDS A Name Change

Some credit unions have changed their names recently, prompting discussion about the merits of doing so. But when I saw the picture below, I couldn’t but help think: “Now here’s a credit union that should change it’s name.” If I need to tell you why….then you should brush up on your Internet slang.


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hat tip: That Credit Union Blog

8 thoughts on “A Credit Union That NEEDS A Name Change

  1. OMG!!!!!! LOL! That is freaking HILARIOUS!!!! I love it! That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    On another note, this example points out that credit unions have acronym-itis. Nearly all CU names are a mouthful to say, but there are usually far better ways of shortening a CU’s name than to go to the acronym.

    Thanks for sharing Ron!

  2. Ron,

    What the pho? (which, BTW, is the name of a great restaurant in Seattle).

    You got me on this one. I think they should definitely drop the acronym — but why not just go with Washington Telephone. Or I hear that Optiva is for sale…..

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  4. Ron, you heard it here first: “We are pleased to announce that effective April 12, 2007, the Washington Telephone Federal Credit Union (WTFCU) changed its name to Signal Financial Federal Credit Union.” This is according to a CU press release.

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