Integrated Marketing: A Different Perspective

I lamented a while back that the advertising folks had hijacked the term customer engagement. Unfortunately, that’s not the only one they’ve usurped.

In many circles, “integrated marketing” has come to mean consistent messaging across advertising channels. While that might be one example of integrated marketing, it’s not the only one, and may not even be the most important one.

There are three elements of marketing that are rarely well integrated in firms. The picture below captures the opportunities available for integrating them:


p.s. The graphic in this post was inspired by Jessica Hagy’s Indexed site. If you haven’t seen that site, then go check it out. She’s brilliant.

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2 thoughts on “Integrated Marketing: A Different Perspective

  1. I think you missed out the entire Sales org and process from that chart! Without them, Integrated marketing will remain a myth or bullet point in a ppt presentation.

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