Starbucks’ Memo To Turner Broadcasting: Here’s How To Generate PR

Howard Schultz’ memo to the Starbucks’ leadership group, published in the Wall Street Journal, and now covered all over the blogosphere, is a textbook lesson in how to generate PR and awareness that supports the brand.

Interestingly (to me at least) was that, although a Starbucks spokeswoman confirmed the authenticity of the memo, nowhere in the WSJ article did it say who provided (or leaked) the memo to the Starbucks gossip Web site. Hmmmm……

The brilliance of this PR ploy is that by admitting that the customer experience — which, of course, the firm has built its reputation on — is slipping, Schultz’s memo reaffirms the firm’s commitment to the experience (and improving it) in a manner far more convincing to its customers than if the firm had simply tried to assert its commitment in TV and print ads.

And all for free!

Sure beats sending two guys through Boston with lite brites, who get arrested, and then having to pay out a couple million dollars, eh Turner Broadcasting?

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One thought on “Starbucks’ Memo To Turner Broadcasting: Here’s How To Generate PR

  1. Its a great move. Note the reference to McDonalds coffee in the article. He must have read our earlier debate on ad spend 🙂

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