Other Uses For Personalized Billboards

News of the personalized billboards that Mini Cooper is testing got me thinking of some other firms that might use this new medium:

  • Ron Shevlin, your current bank balance is $1.17.
    Get a payday loan at Sonic Cash.
  • Ron Shevlin, your STD tests are in, contact us immediately.
    Lahey Clinic
  • Thank you for your continued business, Ron Shevlin.
    From your friends at Frenchy’s Adult Book Store.
  • The air in your front left tire looks low, Ron Shevlin.
    Lou’s Mobil station (one block ahead).
  • Ron Shevlin: Your alimony payment is three months late.
    Massachusetts Association of Divorce Lawyers.
  • Ron Shevlin: Your alimony payment isn’t the only thing that’s late.
    American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
  • Only wimps drive a Mini Cooper, Ron Shevlin.
    Land Rover of Peabody.

On second thought, maybe personalized billboards aren’t such a good idea.



4 thoughts on “Other Uses For Personalized Billboards

  1. Cranky and hilarious at the same time. Nice combination!

    I believe when the telephone was introduced people thought it was pure evil and would result in a breakdown of the family unit, etc.

    Um…yea, well, ah, that didn’t happen – right?

  2. Um… possibly wrong.

    I have a 17 year-old daughter and I’ve been learning that the telephone (and now IM) may very well be evil and causing the breakdown of the family (if mother/daughter arguments about the amount of time spent on the phone and IM are any indication of “breakdown”).

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