You Can’t Compete On Analytics If You Don’t Use It

In a 2005 Harvard Business Review article (get free summary report here), Tom Davenport described the emergence of a:

New form of competition based on the extensive use of analytics, data, and fact-based decision making. Instead of serving all customers, [companies] serve optimal customers. Instead of throwing money at business problems, they optimize their use of capital. Companies that strive to optimize their business performance using a data-intensive approach are competing on analytics.”

So it was a little disturbing to see in Alterian‘s latest annual survey of marketers that 70% of respondents said they apply basic or no analysis to any of their email campaigns.

I couldn’t agree more with David Eldridge, Alterian’s CEO, who said the results point to “tremendous opportunities for marketers to use email and online marketing techniques linked with traditional direct marketing tactics to establish competitive advantages and serve customers better than ever.”