Advertising On Airport Security Bins

A brilliant idea. Here’s who should advertise there (and their message):

  • Handi Wipes. “Cuz’ God knows what’s been put in these bins.”
  • Banks. “Bank with us. Our lines are shorter than this one.”
  • Amtrak. “If you rode the train you wouldn’t need this bin [well, not yet].”
  • Cialis. “By the time you get through this line, Viagra will have worn off. With Cialis, you’ll still have 34 hours to go.”
  • Geico. “Got 15 minutes? Hell, you’ve got 115 minutes!”
  • DeBeers. “Diamonds are forever. Which is about how long it took you to get through this line.”
  • Microsoft. “Where do you want to go today? (Not that it matters — you’re not going anywhere!)”
  • American Express. “Don’t leave home without it.”
  • Capital One. “What’s in your wallet? (Never mind, we’re about to find out).”
  • Travelex. “Did you see what the guy in front of you put in here? Travelex travel insurance kiosks — Gate 17.”

Anybody have any more suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Advertising On Airport Security Bins

  1. Homeland Security: “Believe it or not, our other ideas were even worse.”
    Cole Hahn: “Geez, these shoes have seen better days.”
    Odor Eaters: ditto.

  2. Maybelline – “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe its Maybelline. Maybe its an assault weapon. ”

    Energizer Batteries – “Just like us, this line keeps on going and going and going.”

    Virginia Slims – “You’ve got a long way to go baby!”

    Johnny Walker Red – “Keep Walking. It’s faster than flying”

    or similar:

    Dunkin Donuts – “America runs on Dunkin. It’s faster than flying”


    Red Bull – “it gives you wings.”

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